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features of gracia final plus

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features of gracia final plus

Post  Kodex on Tue Oct 27, 2009 5:18 pm

Postal System

A Postal System will be introduced in Gracia Plus which makes it possible to send items and adena not only to characters on the same account but also to other people on the server, or for example to characters on a second buffer account.


Two new varieties of Strider will be introduced in Gracia Plus:
- Deinonychus. Its summoning item drops on Primeval Isle.
- Strider of the Holy Ghost. It can be purchased from the Territory Manager during a Territorial War.

Apart from that, high efficiency Pet Food will be introduced.

And the way a player's inventory overload is calculated when a pet is unsummoned has been changed.
At present weight and number of inventory items is calculated immediately, which leads to any excess items being dropped on the ground when a pet is unsummoned. In Gracia Plus the weight and number of items will be calculated when the pet is summoned the next time. This means the player can find a safe place to recover the items accumulated in the pet's inventory.

Hunting Grounds

Field of Silence and Field of Whispers
An open hunting ground suited for lvl 83+ nukers to solo.
This is now the highest level hunting ground for nukers, for all those who have outgrown the Isle of Prayer. Hunting swamp creatures from a primeval age will provide you with tingling excitement and make you much stronger in the process.

Giants' Caves
A dungeon-type hunting ground suited for lvl 80+ melee groups.
To the Giants' Caves of old a system of interlinked raids has been added that is now waiting for melee damage dealers.

Primeval Isle
An open, field-type hunting ground suited especially for lvl 83+ nukers, preferably in parties with 4 or more members.
The place has been changed so that hunting becomes more convenient - Greater Herbs will drop to facilitate MP management and the respawn time of the saurians has been significantly shortened.

Stakato Nest
A dungeon-type hunting ground suited for all classes, but especially for nuker parties of 4 or more players of lvl 82 and above.
Kill the Raid Boss in the Stakato Nest! When Queen Shyeed is dead, the abilities of players hunting in the Nest will increase! Apart from that a new system of raids on Instant Bosses has been added.

Crypts of Disgrace
An open, field-type hunting ground suited for lvl 80+ pole arm parties.
Polers unite and experience once again the feeling of all-pervading destiny at this place!

Den of Evil and Caron's Dungeon
An open, field-type hunting ground suited for lvl 81+ melee solo.
A hunting ground for damage dealers who like their enemies up close and rely only on themselves. Enjoy now the pleasure of solo raids!

Forge of the Gods
An dungeon-type hunting ground suited for nuker groups of lvl 78 and upwards.
Through a changed respawn system the hunting in this place has been improved.

Mithril Mines
A dungeon-type hunting ground suited for lvl 81+ archers to solo.
This is now the highest level hunting ground for solo archers, for all those who have outgrown the Blazing Swamp. Three new quests are awaiting you there!

Chasm of Dreams
An instanced dungeon for lvl 80+ characters of all classes that can only be done by parties. Some parts require at least a duo, other parts a full 9 person party.
This is a Dimensional Rift type hunting ground of really high level. And you can challenge there the Raid Boss Aenkinel, level on her a Soul Crystal to Stage 14 and maybe get an S-Grade full drop.

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