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L2OA - Low & Mid Interlude. Op

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L2OA - Low & Mid Interlude. Op

Post  ProjectL2RW on Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:08 pm

A place where you can enjoy Lineage II like before, when the journey had begun.
We are now witnesses of Interlude Servers boom. Anybody can open their own server – mostly there are the same files, with the same features and bugs. Only rates and GMs are different. Copy and paste from the same L2j interlude project. We decided to make a difference.
We would like to invite you to our server – no matter if you like mid/high rate servers focused on pvp or low rate servers focused on farm. If you are sick of the same bugs appearing over and over again and GMs not doing a thing about it – this is the place for you. It took us 1,5 year to make this happen – and all we expect from you is fair play and fun.
We use L2RW Project files written in C#. Why not L2j? Because now there is no L2j Interlude project that guarantees stability, efficiency and bug-free game play. Why not L2off? Because L2off files are stolen from NCSoft C4 files with extra code that fulfills new chronicles news – and very often it doesn’t vary from L2j files.
What is L2RW? Files that have been written from the beginning. Developers transferred functionality from L2j and L2off servers, transcribing and correcting entire code, optimizing it in terms of performance. Some things are similar with what you can find on ordinary servers, but only because accordingly to our sources it seemed right. But what we differ from them – what doesn’t work there, works here. We offer you playing on one of the most polished servers – full working Olympiad, epics, RBs, real Interlude skills, resists and blows mechanics – these are only a few of our strong points.
Playing here will be pure enjoyment – without bugs typical for L2j servers and unfair donation system typical for L2off servers, where files costs much and after opening it has to return.
Join our open beta tests and see for yourself what L2RW and L2oa.com are.

Open Beta tests are now availible!
Grand opening: 27.07.2012 - 19:00 UTC +1 [BST]

Rates MODERN [Mid rate]:

EXP/SP: x25
Party EXP/SP: x1.5
Adena: x15
Drop: x15
Spoil: x15
Quest Reward: x4
Raid/Grand Boss: x10

Other Features:

GM Shop: D + C + B grade
Noblesse quest: Quest items + Vote tokens (need to kill Barakiel)
Proffesion quests: 1st ,2nd and 3rd : shop + NPC.
Subclass quest: NO
Global gatekeeper: Yes
NPC Buffer: Yes
Buff time: 1 hour from buffer, player's buff time not changed.
Buff slots: extended
Skills learning: autolearn, books required only for Divine Inspiration
Olympiad period: 2 weeks
Offline shops: availible, free
Enchants: retail
Starting items: Top no-grade
Eqipment capacity: extended
Champions: normal x10 and great x35 [great champions aren't agressive]
Dualbox: allowed
Auto loot: ON
Mana Potions: Yes

Rates RETRO [Low rate]:

EXP/SP: x8
Party EXP/SP: x1.3
Adena: x10
Drop: x7
Spoil: x8
Quest Reward: x2
Raid/Grand Boss: x2

Other Features:

Noblesse quest: Quest items + Vote tokens (need to kill Barakiel)
Proffesion quests: 1st and 2nd: Quest items in shop, 3rd: need to make a quest (saga)
Subclass quest: Quest + custom NPC (bypass baium's blood part using vote tokens)
Global gatekeeper: NO
NPC Buffer: NO
Buff slots: retail
Olympiad period: 2 weeks
Offline shops: availible, free
Enchants: retail
Starting items: Top no-grade
Champions: normal x8 and great x24 [great champions aren't agressive]
Dualbox: allowed
Auto loot: OFF
Mana Potions: NO

Processor: Intel i7 4x 2(HT)x 2.66+ GHz
Memory: 24GB Ram
Hard Disk: 2TB
Connection: 100 Mbps
System: Ubuntu Linux 11.10 64x



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