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Panic! At The Disco: Death Of A Bachelor

Good bye and screw you ;)

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Good bye and screw you ;)

Post  =Drago= on Fri Aug 20, 2010 11:44 pm

Unfortunately this forum is full of idiots and/or retards like: (Godlike, Only, M3phy, DarkStorm),...but there are still several pathetic but normal ppl, and few intelligent and honest ppl....also many good ppl left this place already.

Anyway im leaving this boring place as well, Cool
Take care and good bye... Rolling Eyes

Don't forget to switch off the light, before the world will be over, because you wouldn't even notice what happend, while playing L2. Twisted Evil

I wish you will get some brain Mr Dumby ...hum... I mean Dumi, however its hard to belive in that.


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Re: Good bye and screw you ;)

Post  M3phy on Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:50 am

Go die fucking noob. Hope this will be last post. Gtfo and never come back. U lose all ur days posting shits on this forum and now leave? Oooo your work for a whole no-lifer life wasted? You are more than idiot. Fcking relic of abortion.

Plm ce bine imi pare ca numa sa il injur pot =]. Morti masi ca imi cresc fire albe cu asta.


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Re: Good bye and screw you ;)

Post  DarkStorm on Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:00 am

just FUKK yourself drago..... you are funny kid i think so... i dont care how many years old you are.... just you acting like kindergarfen brats.... too many ppl insultnig you and you still keep gonig ?... you love insulting or you are like referee( who can accept all insults Razz ) if you are have any brain or self respect dont log this forum again... NObody likes you NObody wants you.... just realize it and leave us alone.....

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Re: Good bye and screw you ;)

Post  GODLIKE on Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:10 am

Drago, M.D. wrote:I wish you will get some brain Mr Dumby ...hum... I mean Dumi, however its hard to belive in that.
for what ? bcz i was the only who dont let u continue your no-lifer job and pwned u hard Embarassed , for me you are incredibly stupid and even worse when u hide on forum your online status and wait for my reply to can have an occupation.
to be honest i was expected to more drama from your side , if u remember last post which has caused us pain in dick , u cried almost all time while u wrote that post and then u come back and start again to show us how stupid and retarded u are and this its very very sick act ... must think about it
Drago wrote:I've got banned so Im writing from other account (my friend account), I have changed the nickaname. Its my last post here, I won't write anything else ever.

I wanted to say that It was my fake personality. I love to test groups of ppl in internet, make a bets with friends , girlfriend etc about how those groups of ppl will act.

I like House M.D. series so I decided to act like him for a while (at least i tried ) to check how you will react on irony, cinical replies, high level jokes with hidden point, attacking weak sides, etc... also i added some funny topics (you think that they are brainless well its ur opinion Wink ). I tried to don't use flame,unless some1 will attack me first... but instead of flames I've tried to use cynical replies that would hurt even more than ordinary flames if you cannot create a smart reply or change it to a joke.
I knew that there are 2 ways : or u will ban me or u will fully accept me. and voila I got ban .
My final test results: This group of ppl (in this case ZerG members) have no resistance against those kind personalities also you dont understand the special kind of jokes, irony.
You cannot reply w/o ordinary flame.

Few ppl that got strong personality and wide mind:
Tyler - maybe bcoz of his age, but he is very smart guy, he fully understand jokes and irony.
Smexx - smart guy however dont understand some kind of jokes.
Sowell - strong mentality, high level patience also smart.
M3phy - I dont know how old is he but it doesnt matter, He understand all kinds of jokes and irony its a rare ability.
Kerkesh - he left, but he was mature and intelligent guy, I know him more from the game than on forum however +1
also there is chance for Only... sometimes ppl change when they become mature and Im sure you will change also.

Sorry If I hurt someone, during my sick social tests Very Happy
Good bye.
cya in another life.
and thx for info drago but i think we prefer tol let the lights off and we will play l2 besides many other things that we do in real life instead to be that kind of man born to be a looser in life and at 22 years still trying to find my personality from movies and other shits
Drago wrote:I wanted to say that It was my fake personality.
TyLeR wrote:Drago: i have to have double personalities to woman
so what to understand from this ? u got 1 personality from Tom & Jerry , 2 different personalities for womans , 2 for queers , this is so fucking sick No
u must think about what u did and try to understand that this is a L2 forum not a place where to learn integrate into society or a loony bin and believe me when i tell u that here its not a psycho hospital where u think u are a doctor and you test our personalities , is totally opposite , ur the one who have problems with personality and with brain Wink
so finally u decided leave forum instead to w8 a little to get ban and be discarded like a garbage , good for u , bye and dont forget to take your pills cheers



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Re: Good bye and screw you ;)

Post  TyLeR on Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:01 pm

Don't u just love freedom ? Very Happy .. On the other hand it makes u wonder cheers


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Sir, we are surrounded! Excellent, now we can attack in any direction!

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Re: Good bye and screw you ;)

Post  M3phy on Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:05 pm

Wondering why u made this topic ... Nobody cares if ur comming or leaving, ur just a nobody pretending ur something else.


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Re: Good bye and screw you ;)

Post  Only on Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:08 pm

He will be back in 1 week again tard..

Don't cry like a bitch when you feel the pain!

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Re: Good bye and screw you ;)

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