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Post for votes

Post  Dj0va on Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:28 pm

All Servers Presented
TyLeR Hoje à 5:55 pm

.Maybe in future when u present a server u can make a short analyze like this.

http://www.l2saint.com/index.php?do=sinfo (by Euronymous)
- GOOD L2OFF,50x Interlude, Custom shops in town, Global Gatekeeper, Auto Learn Skills, 24 buffs slots, NPC Buffer.
- BAD+10 Weapons +6 Sets Donations, Server is hosted at USA.
- Other Info : Forum Announcement: It is going to stay closed till the server come up again.

http://www.l2-vendetta.com/index.php?page=features (by 4Words)
- GOOD Interlude, No custom items, 35x with boosted rates in the custom zones, Auto learn skills, 24 Buff slots, no EXP penality for leveling lowbies, 3 custom shops, a Weapons shop, Armors shop, Misc shop, NPC buffers which got all basic buffs except 3rd, Vendetta Coins Droped in the custom areas.
- BAD Opened since 15-01-2010, +10 Weapons +6 Sets Donations,
- Other Info Server Hosted ? Ping ?

http://www.pvpgaming.net/ (by Rumper)
- GOOD HellBound 100x, Started 01 Mar 2010, Buff Time: 3 hours (prophecies/dances/songs), 20 min COV, NPC Shop, Custom Zones: Blazing Swamp (Low-Mid AA), Primeval Island (High AA, mid-high LS), Imperial Tomb (High AA, [S]Grade Weapon parts, recipes), Isle of Prayer (High AA, Dynasty parts, Seeds of Evil) ,Pagans Temple (Very High AA), Hellbound Island (Highest AA, Dynasty parts, Top LS, Icarus parts, Recipes) 2 weeks heroes, Dwarves can craft S-Grade and S-80 items up to nearly 50% cheaper than the GM shops,
- BAD +12 Weapons +6 Sets Donations, Ping 150+
- Other info : Server Located ?

http://era.l2sublimity.com/?ref=GS200 (by Tequilla)
- BAD New clans that would like to join with more than 15 active members can contact the L2Sublimity Team for a Level 7 Clan with all Level 6 Clan Skills and Subclass/Noblesse for 15 Clan Members and a small amount of Regular Phoenix Armory to get them started (Until 15th of March 2010), TOO MANNY CUSTOM ITEMS.

http://www.frintezza.com/100x.php (by STORM)
- GOOD Hellbound 100x, Best features, Most of us have good items, Clan lvl 8 full skills
- BAD Server located in USA with huge lags/delay for Europe players, Mostly BR server quite overplayed.
- If they would move it to Europe (like the 10x) and wipe it, it would be really interesting.

rpg-club x5 (by Linas)
- GOOD best Gracia final files, huge nr of ppl
- BAD IT's 5X !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

http://www.l2wars.com/ (by Fanny)
- GOOD Interlude 500x
- BAD Weir PVP Points for items System that can be exploited

http://www.bfdr.eu (by Illusion)
- GOOD Hellbound 100x, 1k+ online (so they say)
- BAD Lithuanian server if i'm not mistaken, and just a bad feeling when i look at the site
- No info about when it was open or if it's L2J (most probable since they talk about Epilogue)... if someone can login and offer more info...

http://www.l2drugs.com/index.php (by Tequilla)
- BAD Same site as http://www.l2saint.com , Forum with 1 user, Gracia Final L2Java 100%

http://www.l2inc.eu/ (by bowling4soup)
- GOOD 25x or 500x, Autolearn Skills, Unique System for Olympiad. Fair Fights even with High Enchants! All Enchants are +0!!, GmShop, NPC buffer,
- BAD Gracia Epilogue L2Java

Can you do a POST for votes tyler?? About this servers

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Re: Post for votes

Post  TyLeR on Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:49 pm

U know what i think about votes... ppl dont know what they vote for most of the time Smile

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Post  Glova on Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:53 pm


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Re: Post for votes

Post  Dj0va on Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:57 pm

TyLeR wrote:U know what i think about votes... ppl dont know what they vote for most of the time Smile

Im playing PVPx atm, w8ing for ur order Very Happy , but please dont chose russian server cuz im very bad in russian language

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Re: Post for votes

Post  Rumper on Wed Mar 03, 2010 4:10 am

im playing pvpx as well and dont looks so donations high to mee all A grade some S,but none++++ atm, i saw old pvpx(c4) clan here today it will be massive soom, some from frintezza x7 are here to but its ur call, u could try it for one day to ;P
aaa and about ping i hv 79 oO

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Re: Post for votes

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